#6: Clayton is flying a model helicopter. The helicopter starts
on the roof of a building that is 85 feet above the ground.
Clayton makes the helicopter climb at a constant rate. After
10 seconds, the helicopter is 120 feet above the ground. How
many feet above the ground will the helicopter be after 20
A. 130 B. 155 C. 205 D. 240


  1. Answer:
    155 feet
    Step-by-step explanation:
    the building is 85 feet high that’s where drone starts
    the drone flies to 120 feet in 10 seconds from 85 feet so the rate equals 35 feet per 10 second
    in 20 seconds the drone would be 70 feet higher.
    so the final height would be 85 feet plus 70 feet which equals 155 feet.
    hope that helps


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