55.00 for unlimited miles. the cost of renting a similar vehicle a we got wheels is 38.00 fee plus 0.20 per mile. for what number of miles is the cost at rent a ride less than the cost at we got wheels


  1. Answer:
    >85 miles
    Step-by-step explanation:
    Rent-a-Ride charges $55 for unlimited miles.
    We Got Wheels charges a $38 initial fee, then $0.20 for every mile.
    We can subtract the fees, 55-38 = $17. This is the difference between their initial fees. All we have to figure out is, how long does it take before We Got Wheels costs MORE than $17.
    This can be represented as 0.2x > 17
    To solve this, divide both sides by 0.2 and you will get
    x > 85.


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