-5= -10+y how do i reorder this and why do i reorder it in that way? i think i know how to reorder it i’m just confused on why it has to be ordered that way. plz help, thanks!


  1. Answer:
    y = 5
    Step-by-step explanation:
    Ok so you need to move y to its own spot so either on the right or left of the equation. BUT i recommend leaving it and instead moving -10 to the other side. REMEMBER when you move a number to the other side of the equation you change its value so instead of -10 it will become +10. so you will get 10-5=y so 5=y, if you want the y to be on the other side flip them around -y=-5(since you switched them you need to make them minus, or plus if the number was originally negative) SINCE you have minuses on both sides you can cancel them out and you will be left with y=5.
    Why you need to reorder:
    you need to reorder to find Y there is no way you can find Y without reordering. When you are reordering remember that Y has to be by itself in one side of the equation.  


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