*3.12 Solve proportions: word problems WB7
() On weekday mornings, it takes Leo 12 minutes to bike 2 miles to his school. This
Saturday, Leo will bike to the park to meet his friends. The park is 5 miles away from Leo’s
If he bikes at the same rate, how many minutes will it take Leo to get to the park?
How many


  1. Answer: 30 minutes
    Step-by-step explanation:
    We can solve this problem by first finding how fast Leo bikes. We know that it takes Leo 12 minutes to bike 2 miles. To find how fast he bikes, we can create a proportion where 12/2=60/x, we do this because there are 60 minutes in a hour and we want to find the MPH (Miles Per Hour) he can bike, and the variable x stands for the MPH. To solve the proportion, we have to cross multiply, and then we get 12x=120. When we divide to find x, we find that x=10, which means Leo can bike 10 miles per hour. The park is 5 miles away, and Leo can bike 10 miles an hour, so therefore Leo will be able to bike there in half an hour, which is 30 minutes.


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