x2 + 6x – 7

Factor the following trinomials containing negative numbers. Follow the rules for operations with signed numbers to identify the correct binomial factors.


  1. The factored form of the given trinomial is (x -7)(x +1)

    Factoring the quadratics

    From the question, we are to factor the given trinomials
    The given trinomial is
    x² + 6x – 7
    The trinomial is a quadratic expression. The trinomial/ quadratic expression can be factored as a product of two binomial. When factored, the trinomial will take the form (x + a)(x + b)
    Where are a and b are integers.
    Factoring the trinomial
    x² + 6x – 7
    To factor the trinomial, we will find two numbers such that when added, we get the middle term; and when these numbers are multiplied we get the constant term.
    The numbers that satisfy this condition are +1x and -7x
    x² +x -7x – 7
    x (x + 1) -7(x +1)
    (x -7)(x +1)
    Hence, the factored form of the given trinomial is (x -7)(x +1)
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