123 Savings and Loan charges a monthly fee of $8 on checking accounts and an overdraft protection fee of $33. Neela’s check registi
he had a balance of $456
when she wrote a check for $312. Three days later she realized her check register had an error and she actually only had $256, so she transferred $250 into her checking
account. The next day, her monthly account statement was sent to her. What was the balance on her statement?


  1. Based on the calculation below, the balance on Neela’s statement is $153.

    How do we calculate the balance on a bank statement?

    The balance on Neela’s statement can be calculated using the following formula:
    Balance on statement = Actual amount in the account – Monthly fee – Overdraft protection fee – Check written + Amount transferred ………… (1)
    Substituting all the relevant values into equation (1), we have:
    Balance on statement = $256 – $8 – $33 – $312 + $250
    Balance on statement = $153
    Learn more about bank statement balance here:


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