1.Selena is studying about a square with side x, and a rectangle whose length is
6 inches longer than that of the square but six inches shorter on the width. She then
concluded that the area of the rectangle is less than the area of the square. Do you
agree with Selena? Explain your answer.

2.Audrey weaved a blanket. The area of the blanket is 36×2 + 19x – 6 meters
while its length is 9x – 2 meters. Find the expression for the width of the blanket.


  1. Answers:
    1.  No I don’t agree with Selena because the area of the rectangle has the exact same area of the square
    Step-by-step explanation:
    1.     square = x
    rectangle length = 6 + x
    rectangle width = x – 6
    the plus 6 and minus 6 cancel each other out and make the same area that the square has.
    Im sorry i dont know what the answe to 2 is.


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