1. pick out the well defined set from the following 1 a = ( test cricket captains of pakistan 2 b = ( tasty food items)


  1. The well defined set is a = ( test cricket captains of pakistan).

    What is a well defined set?

    A set which is composed of elements which have finite value and does not depend upon the nature of thinking of different persons is called well defined set.
    Some key features regarding the set are-
    • A set is a collection of specific things or a group of specific objects in mathematics.
    • The set theory created by George Cantor is currently applied in all disciplines of mathematics.
    • ‘A set is a well-defined collection of separate things of our sense or cognition, to be considered as a whole,’ he says.
    • A hard definition of a set is not conceivable, as it is not possible for the ideas of geometrical point, line, and plane.
    • Is the intuitive perception of a gathering or aggregation of real or mental items.
    The following are some examples of basic set concepts:
    1. a group of current Australian cricketers.
    2. a collection of regulations for playing badminton;
    3. a set of integers subject to specified conditions;
    4. a collection of books from the library;
    5. a group of American states;
    To know more about well defined set, here


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