1. Jefferson drew a line 9.5 inches long. Brittany drew a line 10 times as long. What is the difference in length between the two lines? Explain or show your work.

2. A store has a contest to guess the mass of 10,000 peanuts. If a peanut has a mass of about 0.45 gram. What would be a reasonable guess for the mass of 10,000 peanuts? Show or explain your work.

3. Ms. Webster works 4 days a week at her office and 1 day a week at home. The route to Ms. Webster’s office is 23.7 miles. The route home is 21.8 miles. About how many miles does she drive for work each week? Show or explain your work.

4. Isaac bought three packages of nuts. He bought one package of peanuts that weighed 3.07 pounds. He also bought two packages of pecans that weighed 1.46 pounds and 1.5 pounds. Did the peanuts or the pecans weigh more? How much more? Show or explain your work.

5.A pick-your-own pecan farm charges $1.35 per pound of pecans plus $0.40 per pound to crack the pecans. Amelia picks 20 pounds of pecans. The farm cracks 5 pounds for her. How much does Amelia pay all together? Show or explain your work.

6.The times for five sprinters in a 50-meter dash were 6.72 seconds, 6.4 seconds, 6.08 seconds, 7.03 seconds, and 6.75 seconds. Write these times from fastest to slowest.

7.One serving of scrambled eggs contains 7.8 grams of fat. Mr. Jensen is trying to eat no more than 60 grams of fat per day. If he eats 1.5 servings of scrambled eggs for breakfast, how many more grams of fat can he eat that day? Show or explain your work.

8. A rectangular doormat is 21 inches long and has an area of 714 square inches. Find its width. Will the doormat fit an entryway that is 36 inches wide? Show or explain your work.

9.Estimate the quotient 3,582 divided by 43. Show or explain your work.

10.The band spent $1,480 for food on the end-of-the-year picnic. If 73 band members attended the picnic, what is the best estimate of the cost of food per member? Show or explain your work.