(08.01 mc) sue wants to know how many families in her small neighborhood of 50 homes would volunteer to help at a neighborhood animal shelter. she put all the addresses in a bag and drew a random sample of 25 addresses. she then asked those families if they would volunteer to help at the shelter. she found that 18% of the families would volunteer to help at the shelter. she claims that 18% of the neighborhood families would be expected to help at the animal shelter. is this a valid inference?


  1. Answer:
    Yes, this is a valid inference because she took a random sample of the neighborhood.
    Step-by-step explanation:
    As we can see, Sue’s survey was perfectly random and without any prejudice.
    18% of the families, according to her research, would volunteer at the shelter. According to her, 18% of the local households should be required to volunteer at the animal shelter.
    Therefore, given that she chose a representative sample of the area, her conclusion is valid.

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